Elsie Dinsmore – Book 1

The Original Elsie Dinsmore Fan Club

This book is about a little girl called Elsie Dinsmore.  It is set in the mid 1800’s on a Southern plantation in America.  Elsie Dinsmore is the heiress to an immense fortune.  She lives with her relatives at Roselands.  Elsie’s mother died several years ago and her father has been away in Europe for some time.  Her relatives are not always kind to her, but Elsie maintains a calm and gentle spirit through her faith in God.  When her father returns home, he is stern toward her.  Will Elsie ever gain her father’s love?  Read this book to find out.

Find out more about Elsie Dinsmore here.


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  1. #1 by gabygirl8horse on 2011/12/02 - 1:48 AM

    I have read all of these books. I love them! I am now reading them to my little sister, she loves them too!

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