Lady Grace Mystery Series – Book 1 Asassin

In this first Lady Grace Mystery Series, Lady Grace, Maid of Honour to Queen Elizabeth I, has three suitors for her hand that are chosen by the Queen.  Lady Grace must pick one at the St. Valentines Day ball.  The first one is Sir Charles who is very old but very kind to Grace.  The second is Sir Gerald who is handsome, rich, and not too old, but very sure of himself.  The third is Sir Robert who is slightly older than Grace (she is 16), is in debt but is nice to Grace.

On the night after the ball, Sir Gerald is found stabbed in the back, and Sir Robert is suspected.  Lady Grace must sort through dead ends and false clues with her good friends Masou, a boy acrobat at court, and Ellie, a laundry girl, to get to the truth of the matter.  Written in diary style, this book is very exciting for anyone to read.


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