I’m back

I’ve been away for awhile.  Blame the Internet connection.  It was terrible.  Anyway, I’m back to a blogging routine and I’m going to write a review.

 The Shunning (The Heritage of Lancaster County, #1)

The Shunning is about a young Amish woman named Katie Lapp.  She goes into the family attic to search for her mother’s wedding dress (Katie is about to be married to the bishop).  Whilst in the attic she finds a little satin baby gown.  Katie has always longed for fancy things that were forbidden to the Amish.  Why then would her parents, devout Amish people keep such a thing?  When her parents reveal the night before her wedding a strange secret, Katie is stunned.  The next day she runs out on her own wedding to John Beiler.  Katie is put under the Shunning.  Seemingly betrayed by her parents, shunned by everyone she holds dear, and not truly Amish, Katie goes to New York State in search of the heritage she never knew.  Will Katie find her dying mother?  Read this exciting novel by Beverly Lewis to find out.

The Shunning is also out in DVD format.


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