I finished Sense and Sensibility!


Yes!  I finally did it!  I finally finished this awesome book.  Here is my review.

S and S is a story about two girls – Elinor (sense) and Marianne (sensibility).  When they move to Barton cottage with their mother, Marianne is swept off her feet by a dashing stranger, Willoughby.  Meanwhile, Elinor must mask the love she feels for Edward Ferrars because it is impossible for them to marry.  When Willoughby leaves suddenly, Marianne is heartbroken and succumbs to her ‘sensibility.’  How the two sisters find their own true loves makes and interesting and enjoyable read for anyone.


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  1. #1 by W. R. Woolf on 2011/11/17 - 2:32 PM

    I read this book some time ago, and I was surprised at the humour it had.
    The part where their father makes John promise to help his sisters after their father’s death, and John’s “help” begins as a nice portion of money and ends up with him helping the sisters move out of their house, I couldn’t keep the smile of my face 🙂

    • #2 by evajoy on 2011/11/17 - 9:27 PM

      That scene is considered one of the funniest in the novel.

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