My NaNoWriMo Novel – Characters and Excerpt

Yes!  I’m writing my own novel/story and I decided to share some of it with you.

First the synopsis:  Eleanor and Catherine are the rich daughters of Lady Celia Harcourt.  When she leaves for Bath, Eleanor falls in love with a handsome young man named Henry Davrille.  A neighbor then invites Eleanor and Catherine to London and after much deliberation they accept.  Catherine falls in love in London with a man named William Ashby.  When their mother sends for them, Catherine is reluctant because she will have to leave William, but she goes to Bath with Eleanor.  Meanwhile, Eleanor must fend off unwanted attentions from Robert Davrille.  William suffers an accident, and Catherine is beside herself with worry.  In time he recovers, but with a leg permanently broken.  The Harcourts finally return to their home and Elinor and Henry marry.  But how will Catherine and William overcome his disability and let their true love come through again?

The Characters

Eleanor Harcourt – Eleanor is a beautiful, rich, intelligent twenty year old.  She loves her mother and sister dearly and would do anything for them.  Eleanor is quiet and always finds something to keep herself busy.  She also helps her sister deal with her sometimes impetuous nature.

Catherine Harcourt – Catherine Harcourt is three years younger then her steadfast sister.  She loves doing many things with her sister and going to social events.  Catherine is perhaps not as pretty as Eleanor, but still has a sweet face.  She is very bright and cheerful.

Lady Celia Harcourt – Lady Celia is loving to girls but firm at the same time.  Eleanor is the one that takes most after her.  She loves Bath but has never traveled there and left the girls, until the time when the story opens.

Henry Davrille – Henry Davrille is twenty-two.  He’s very handsome and charming.  He and Eleanor fall in love very quickly and happily.  He is much more genteel. than his older brother, Robert.


William Ashby – William Ashby is handsome, kind, and as in love with Catherine as she is with him.  A nice young man with good manners.

Robert Davrille – Robert is very irritating.  He thinks he’s in love with Eleanor so he makes himself a nuisance by hanging around her and trying to be nice to her when in fact he is quite the opposite.

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Lady Marlin – Lady Marlin is the one to take the girls to London.  A kind, motherly lady, she is always ready to help the girls in any trouble that they come across.

Now for the excerpt:

Lady Celia, beautiful, highborn, and rich was also the widow of the late Lord Harcourt.  They had married early in their lives, and because of that, Lady Celia was still quite young when Lord Harcourt had died, leaving her with two daughters.  Eleanor, was then fifteen, and Catherine, at that time was twelve.  The two girls still remembered their father but spoke of him seldom because their mother was pained to be reminded of it.  Lady Celia was a good mother, and although stern and cold at times, the girls loved her.  Lord Harcourt had left Lady Celia a large sum of money which was more than enough to provide for her, the girls, servants, and the upkeep of Woodland Manor.

Eleanor was like her mother, in that she had a intelligence of mind and calm disposition.  This made her the perfect counterbalance to her sister’s flighty nature.  Eleanor was considered the prettier of the two even though she was nothing remarkable at first sight.  Her clear grey eyes and light brown hair were perhaps not as attractive as her sister’s bright looks, but she possessed a certain quality about her that made her appear in a better light.

Catherine, seventeen years of age, was a light hearted and happy girl.  She did not, it was true, have her sister’s calm and clear-headed traits of her sister, but she made up for it in being bright and cheerful.  Eleanor did have a cheerful disposition but with a graver temperament.


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