Who is Alfie?

One of my three-year-old’s favourite series is one about a little boy his age and the little boy’s sister – Alfie and Annie-Rose.  Alfie is about three years old and has all the joys and sorrows of any little boy his age.  Shirley Hughes is British so of course her books reflect this in their language which is fun.

In Alfie Gets in First Alfie races ahead of Mum and gets in the door first with a disastrous result which is finally solved by Alfie himself but not before the whole neighbourhood gets involved trying to help.

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Alfie’s 1-2-3 is a number book (obviously) which does just a little bit of adding in addition to counting.

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One of our very favourite Alfie books is Alfie’s Feet.  Alfie needs new rain boots so he can splash in puddles – what little boy can’t relate?  The new boots are wonderful but not quite right.  See if you can figure out before Alfie does what is wrong with them.

Alfie's Feet

Alfie Weather is a collection of stories about Alfie and his family in different kinds of weather.  Interestingly right in the middle of the book is Mum tells Alfie the story of the Fall of Man while they are on a country explore.  This one is a bit longer than others so make sure you have time for it.

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Our library doesn’t have all of Shirley Hughes’ books – she wrote a lot.  We read what they have, and when we find any at resale shops or used book stores we buy them.  Shirley Hughes also wrote other series but Alfie is the one we love.


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