Jane Austen Birthday Week Part 3

Here’s a Jane Austen book tag for you to enjoy.  Please give me the links to your answers in the comment section.  I would love to see what your opinions are.  The answers to the questions are my own.  Just copy the questions and answer them in your own post.

What is your favorite Jane Austen novel?  Emma.  I find it the most amusing and enjoyable of all her novels.  But I like them all.

Who is your favorite character in that novel?  The most obvious answer would be  – Emma.  I really like her, but there’s something about Jane Fairfax that I like.  That’s my opinion anyway.

Who is your least favorite character?  Mrs. Elton.  I’m reading Emma right now, and Mrs. Elton’s vulgar behavior is really getting to me.

How would you feel if Emma married Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax married Mr. Knightly?  To say the least – I wouldn’t like it.  Jane Fairfax doesn’t seem to fit with Mr. Knightly.  However, if Frank Churchill hadn’t been secretly engaged he might make Emma a good match.  On second thought, forget I just said that.  🙂

How recently have you read this novel?  I’m reading it for the second time right now.

Would you change something about this novel?  I would definitely not have Jane Fairfax marry Frank Churchill.

Last question – What’s your favorite movie version of this novel?  I haven’t watched Clueless or the 2009 version so I couldn’t rate those.  Of the Kate Beckinsale or Gwenyth Paltrow versions the G.P. would win out even though it doesn’t follow the book that closely.  G.P. seems perfect as Emma.

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