My Novel Writing Progress

My novel is coming along well.  I really am getting into the story and it is developing well.  You can read more about it here and here, and I’m giving you an excerpt.


They walked on in silence for some time.  Eleanor’s feelings were of the happiest sort.  She could scarcely believe her own heart, being young and inexperienced in such matters, but she knew enough of her happiness and enjoyment of Henry’s company.  Whether Henry felt them also was yet to be determined.

At length he spoke.  “Where are you headed to Miss Harcourt?”

“I am going to Lushings Hall to pay a call on Lady Marlin.  I want to know the particulars of her proposed trip.”

“Ah, yes.  I would advise you to go, Miss Harcourt.  It is not likely that you will have too many more such chances.  Your mother, I have heard, does not like London.”

“No, she does not like it at all,” was Eleanor’s only reply, “Oh, we are at Lushings Hall.  I must bid you good-bye Mr. Davrille.”  How unwillingly she spoke those words!  But suppressing her true feelings the bid him good-bye again and walked up the little garden path leading to the front of the house.



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