New Story Character

I’ve been working on my novel a lot today and a new character jumped out at me.  In my story Eleanor and Catherine have just arrived at London and are going to a small dinner party given by the Ashbys.  Their eldest daughter, Fanny, has been quite unintentionally been written into the same mold as Lucy Steele.  But now that she is I can’t change her.  Since her family lives in town all the time she looks down on Eleanor for living in a ‘small, country village’.  Here’s an excerpt.


“How are you enjoying London?” Fanny asked Eleanor.

“I have hardly seen any of it, so I have very little opinion.  It seems pleasant enough though,” Eleanor replied.

“I hope you enjoy our little gathering.  You might not be accustomed to the amount and quality of the people we will have.  In your town you could not have had more than half a dozen truly genteel families,” Fanny remarked.

“Wollington, it is true, is small, but it has many genteel people and we were not wanting for company,” Eleanor said a trifle vexed, “The people there were well-mannered and friendly.”

“Oh,” Fanny sneered, “I was sure you must have had some genteel acquaintances, but you must admit that they are in the minority.  I’m sure that most of the people in your small country village are below our level.”

“Perhaps one or two of the lesser families are a trifle below us, but overall everybody in our town is my level if one could call it that.”  Eleanor was quite perturbed by Miss Ashby’s lack of friendliness but did not show it.

“Oh, of course, you must be the judge of your own village.  I was merely giving you my opinion based on my experiences.” Miss Ashby stalked away leaving Eleanor to her own thoughts.


See what I mean?




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