Jane Austen Birthday Week Part 5

For Part 5 I’ve decided to share some really great Austen-related blogs and websites and tell a little bit about each one.

  1. Miss Georgiana Darcy – This is a really great blog.  M.G.D. does post other non-Austen related things but her blog is well worth visiting.
  2. Elegance of Fashion – A great blog for period drama movie reviews and Regency fashions.
  3. My  Jane Austen Book Club – A J.A. blog with lots of giveaways and reviews of Austen books.
  4. Yet Another Period Drama Blog – This is a wonderful Janeite blog.  Plus, the owner of the blog is also hosting a Jane Austen birthday event.
  5. Austen Fans – a good Austen website.  You can even send Austen themed e-cards from it!
  6. Austen Authors – Giveaways, reviews, and more, all by Austen fans.
  7. Addicted to Jane Austen – good info about Jane’s life.
  8. Amanda Grange.com – Official website of my favorite Austen retellings author.
  9. Eras of Elegance– fashion, movie reviews and photos, etiquette, etc.
  10. Pemberly – A name every Austen fan knows.  This website has information on all the books and lots more.

I hope you found this list beneficial to you.  Have a great day!


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    i love the picture ! 2 thumbs up

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