Jane Austen Birthday Week Note

Coincidentally, Miss Dashwood of Yet Another Period Drama Blog is also hosting a Jane Austen Birthday Week.  She has a set of tag questions to answer, and I couldn’t resist.

What was the first JA novel you ever read, and who introduced you to it?

My mom was probably the one who introduced me to Jane Austen.  However, I sort of discovered her for myself.

Which is your least favorite JA novel, and why?  (Everybody posts about their favorites… I want to know what’s at the bottom of your list!)

This is really tough!  I love all of her novels, but my least favorite would be…Pride and Prejudice *united Janeite gasp*.  The way I see it, Pride and Prejudice has been so dramatized, made over, etc. that most people lose sight of the actual book itself.  Don’t worry, I really enjoy P and P.

Who do you think is the funniest character JA ever created?

Miss Bates.  Even though I find myself skipping large sections of her ENDLESS chattering, she is a very comical character.

Which JA villain[ess] do you love to hate?

Isabella Thorpe.  When I first started reading Northanger Abbey, I thought to myself ‘Isabella seems like a really good friend for Catherine to have.’  By the time I got to where she’s flirting with Captain Tilney my kind thoughts for her were definitely waning and when Catherine received her letter she was gone in my fond memories.

What’s your favorite JA quote?

A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment.

If you were to “start” someone on JA, which book would you recommend to them first and why?

Emma.  It’s a very lighthearted and comic book and very easy to understand.  I would recommend Northanger Abbey for the same reasons.

What is your absolute favorite JA film adaptation and why?

2005 Pride and Prejudice.  Kiera Knightly and Matthew Macfayden are THE Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy for me. *another Janeite gasp as they envision Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle*

If you could authorize a new film adaptation of one of JA’s novels, which would it be and why?

Mansfield Park.  I don’t think any of the adaptions get it right.

Which JA character do you most identify with?

Another tough one.  Eleanor would be my first choice followed by Catherine Morland

If you could have lunch with JA today, what question would you most like to ask her?

Which is YOUR favorite book?

Is there any one thing that you think could have been improved upon in one (or all) of JA’s books?  What is it and why?

I wish Fanny could have been more assertive.  (I’m reading M.P. right now)  Other then that, her books are perfect.

If you could have lunch with one of JA’s characters today, who would it be and why?

Catherine Morland.  She seems the type who you’d like to meet and chat with.


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