2012 Blogging Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope that this year will be a good one and I hope you will keep your resolutions (if you make any).  Here are my blogging resolutions:

  • Pace myself with my posting.  Lots of times I post two or three posts a day.  I need to pace myself and only post once a day and save the other posts for another day.
  • Post more book reviews and not all Jane Austen-related things.  This blog is a book review blog primarily and I want to keep it like that.  If you want me to review a certain book please send me your suggestion at the Contact Me page.
  • Respond more to your comments.  I always respond to your questions, but words of praise and general observational comments don’t always get acknowledged.  I will try to improve.
  • Reach 100 followers.  Right now I have only 18 followers but I really want to reach at least a hundred.  Please refer this blog to fellow bloggers and friends.

There are my resolutions.  Please tell me what you think of them and if you have anything to suggest, just comment and tell me or contact me.


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