While Mortals Sleep

Author:  Jack Cavanaugh

Genre:  Christian Fiction 
My rating on a 1-10 scale:  9
Type:  Fiction 
Time period:  Pre-WWII Germany
Main characters:  Josef Shumacher, Mady Schumacher 
My Review:  Josef Shumacher struggles to resist the ever-increasing tide of Nazi propaganda and lies.  Working with six youth from his church, he tries to refute the Nazi regime.  He and his wife Mady are expecting their first child.  When Josef is called to save some crippled children from a hellish psychiatric/death facility he accepts the challenge and almost dies because of it.  Suddenly four youth from the church and Mady are given a difficult decision that involves everything they know.  Will they be able to rescue Josef in time?  
My overall opinion:  A suspenseful read with surprises at every page.  I would highly recommend this book.

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