My First Blog Award!

Today I was awarded my first blog award – the Liebster Blog Award!

There are some steps I have to follow to actually ‘earn’ this blog award.

  • Thank the blogger who presented the award to you:  Thanks Lisa Taylor!  You can check out her fab blog here.
  • Link back to the blogger who awarded it to you:  I already did that in step one.
  • Put the award on your sidebar:  I did it.
  • Present the award to five other deserving blogs and comment and tell them you did it:  These are the blogs I’m awarding:

SafireWriter – This is a great blog that chronicles the ups and downs of one girl’s writing experiences.  I really like it and check back often.

Old-Fashion Charm – This *charming* blog is a good place to go and visit if you want some Jane Austen related posts along with period drama information in general.

Yet Another Period Drama Blog – A wonderful Jane Austen-related blog.

Savvy Verse and Wit – I won my copy of Jane Austen Made Me Do It from this blog so I have a soft spot for it.  🙂  Plenty of book reviews and giveaways to see.

Miss Georgiana Darcy – This interesting blog is Jane Austen-related and has lots of fun stuff to read in it.

That concludes this post.  Thanks for reading and come again soon!


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  1. #1 by Dakino on 2012/01/04 - 12:27 AM

    congrats! 😀

  2. #2 by Miss Dashwood on 2012/01/03 - 6:26 PM

    Thank you for awarding me, Eva-Joy! I am truly delighted and I will be posting my award soon. Thank you for thinking of me!

    • #3 by loverofausten on 2012/01/03 - 7:21 PM

      You are very welcome! I read your blog often and really enjoy it.

  3. #4 by Serena on 2012/01/03 - 12:44 PM

    Thanks for the award. I will post about this blog award soon. I hope you enjoy Jane Austen Made Me Do It.

  4. #6 by Joy Daggett on 2012/01/03 - 6:54 AM

    Good job Eva-Joy! You’ve earned it.

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