Black Cloud

Horse Diaries #8: Black Cloud

Author:  Patricia Hermes

Genre:  Tween fiction

My rating on a 1-10 scale:  10

Type:  Fiction

Time Period:  1950’s

Main Characters:  Black Cloud (horse), Annie

My Review:  Told first person from the horse’s point of view, this book chronicles the life of a mustang, Black Cloud, from his birth and growth.  Frolicking with other colts and fillies his age, facing the herd bully, and becoming as tough as possible are only some of the activities he enjoys.  But when a strange, silvery bird (an airplane) from the sky chases them into a box canyon, trapping them, will Black Cloud find a good home?  Or will he be killed?

My overall opinion:  This book clearly details the terrible things that were done to mustangs in the mid-1900’s.  We are introduced to Wild-Horse Annie, as a child.  I think this book is a very good read.  Includes an appendix about the mustang breed and Wild-Horse Annie at the back.


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