Two of my poems

I’ve written a few poems lately and I decided to pick out the two best ones and share them.  I think they’re pretty good.  What about you?

Gems of Nature

Raindrops fall upon my clothes,

Getting in my hair.

Like diamonds on a golden crown,

Shining bright and rare.

Roses grace the garden,

Waiting to be plucked.

Bright and colourful petals,

In the roses’ heads are tucked.

Small birds flutter from their nests,

Chirping as they fly.

Flying over small, frail nests,

Sharing a good-bye.

The graceful tree is standing,

Noble, straight and tall.

Giving its protection,

To creatures great and small.

The flowers in the meadow,

May seem torn or old.

But when closer look is taken,

A different tale is told.

The trailing belt of ivy,

Is elegant yet plain.

Green as emeralds, Green as grass,

It sparkles in the rain.

The apple tree sits quietly,

By the pleasant brook.

Curious birds and rabbits,

Come to take a look.


The land was held in icy grip,
Of winter’s cold embrace.
Rivers near had ceased to flow,
The land was covered in cold, white lace.

Soon the Spring in cheery colours,
Came to brighten up the land.
It came with many pretty flowers,
Bearing happiness in its hand.

Summer came with warmth and vigour,
Letting Spring take second place.
Many were the happy days,
When  the bright sun showed its face.

Autumn colors brightened the trees,
Crisp and cool was the air.
Autumn days were come at last,
Playful breezes everywhere.



  1. #1 by Joy Daggett on 2012/01/07 - 10:14 PM

    They are both beautiful and very expressive. Good job!

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