SnapIt Screen Capture

SnapIT! is a revolutionary new tool in the blogging world.  Using this software, you can take ‘snapshots’ of anything on the screen.  This makes it an invaluable tool to bloggers as they can snap a ‘photo’ of anything they come across on the web and use it in their blog.  You don’t have to waste time cropping your images – just click the screen to get a ‘photo’ of exactly what you want. 

Check out this link – Screen Capture Software to learn more.

I received a copy of this software to review.  I am not required to give a favorable review.  I only review items that I believe will be to the benefit of my readers.

  1. #1 by lindsy Rene on 2012/02/06 - 3:25 PM

    Oh, I love SnapIt! I recently inquired my own and I’m Jazzed about it, I love to blog and look at pictures, so the SnapIt is Perfect for me. I love the way it works, because i must admit that I’m not very electronically smart, and this is as easy as pie! 🙂

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