The Highborn Governess

My new novella is going along quite well.  I’ve decided to answer a novel tags and sketch my characters.  However, my characters change so much, this information might not always be acurate.

What is your current word count? About 3,000 words, but I still have lots more to write.

What would you consider is best about your novel: plot, dialog, characters, or description?  My characters are really developing in this novella, even better than the first one.  But my dialogue is really good too (In my humble opinion).

Which of the above would you consider your weakest point?  Description.  I’m pretty bad at that so I hardly ever incorporate it into my stories.  It sounds unnatural and forced.

Of all your characters who do you like the best?  Edmund Troppe, the hero, is probably my favorite character.  But I like Emma too.

What was the inspiration for your novel?  My first novella, Eleanor and Catherine: Tender Hopes and Dreams.
What other writing projects have you completed or are in the process of writing?  I don’t have anything planned right now.
What would you consider the funniest line in your novel?  They both shyly greeted her and then they all stood there, feeling uncomfortable.Go to the 11th page of your novel and paste the last paragraph here.  

“Oh, it’s just that Fan and Lydia have not been behaving as well as they ought, or that Mother thinks they should,” he said.  Then, conjecturing rightly that she was shy and did not wish to talk, at least not at the moment, he bowed and exited the schoolroom.  Emma, lingered a few more moments and then went out.

What time period is your novel set in?  The mid-1800′s, Regency England

Please paste here the paragraph you consider the best.  The maid left her alone in the schoolroom.  She walked down the room to the large, handsome oak desk that was to be hers.  She noted that Fanny and Lydia’s desks were, though not the same size, still as well crafted and of the same material.  Emma looked at the different titles of the many, handsomely-bound books that were in the room.

What are you planning to do when your novel is all written and edited? Writing wise, that is.  I want to do another story, perhaps a sequel to this one.
My story is constantly changing in little details but here is the rough synopsis.
Emma Ashby is left an orphan upon her father’s death.  Her mother died several years ago.  She becomes a governess at the Troppe household and teaches their two girls, Fanny and Lydia.  Emma develops an affection towards the Troppe’s only son, Edmund.  When her rich aunt and uncle, Eleanor and Henry Davrille find her and take her to their home, will she see Edmund again?  Does he have feelings for her?
The Characters
Emma Ashby – Emma Ashby is a bit shy, accomplished, intelligent, and kind.  She is unsure at first about being a governess, but even though she is not treated well by many of the servants and family members, she adjusts quickly.  Emma is probably my favorite female character I’ve created.
Edmund Troppe – Edmund Troppe is a handsome young man of five and twenty.  He enjoys a variety of pastimes, one of the first of which is reading.  He posesses a sense of humor and teases his sisters, Lydia and Fanny.  He is attracted to Emma’s shyness and her plight.
Eleanor Davrille – Eleanor Davrille is Emma’s aunt.  I wrote her story in Eleanor and Catherine.  She is kind and warm towards everyone she meets.
There are a lot more characters than who I’ve shown, but those are the main ones.

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