Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)

Author: Charles Dickens

Genre: Classic

My rating on a 1 – 10 scale: 7

Type: Down-to-earth

Time Period: Mid-1800′s

Main Characters: Oliver Twist, Fagin

My Review: I enjoyed reading Oliver Twist for the Charles Dickens Reading Challenge.  Oliver Twist is a young orphan who, after running away from his cruel master finds himself in London.  He is taken in by a pack of thieves who try to make him steal.  But Oliver refuses to do their bidding…This story of good triumphing over evil makes for a fascinating read.

My overall opinion:  I was surprised at how easy Oliver Twist was to understand.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it but for one thing…Charles Dickens seems quite anti-Jewish and constantly referred to Fagin as ‘the Jew’.  But other than that, it was an interesting read.


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  1. #1 by Azevedo on 2012/02/04 - 9:23 AM

    Actually I don’t think he intended the epitaph “Jew” in a derogatory way, the same way that Mark Twain didn’t intend use “nigger” in a derogatory way. Actually Dickens, when told about his excessive use of the word Jew, edited hist text so as not to use it so often, “He halted the printing of Oliver Twist, and changed the text for the parts of the book that had not been set, which is why Fagin is called “the Jew” 257 times in the first 38 chapters, but barely at all in the next 179 references to him.”
    He also created the character of Riah (meaning “friend” in Hebrew) and constructed it to be the exact opposite of Fagin.

    • #2 by loverofausten on 2012/02/04 - 3:48 PM

      But Charles Dickens did make Fagin the stereotype, miserly Jew…

  2. #3 by The Empty Notebook on 2012/02/04 - 4:03 AM

    I felt the same way about this book! It’s one of the few Charles Dickens’ books that lets me understand where a joke is and allows me to laugh at it 🙂 Love your review!

    And thanks for starting to post again! 😀 Never give up!!!

    • #4 by loverofausten on 2012/02/04 - 3:49 PM

      Actually I never gave up on this blog – it was my horse blog and I’m still not posting anything on it.

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