A Spirited Discussion

I have a blogging weakness.  (Actually I have several but we won’t get into that right now.)  Whenever my readers post delightful, well thought out comments (not the generic “nice post” comments), I want to post them and let the whole world see their cleverness.  Usually I resist but in this instance I couldn’t (or wouldn’t).

You remember the post I did a few days ago about Pride and Prejudice 2005?  (I also did a page, but that’s another matter.)  Anyway, I received a lot of comments on this post, all by one person – Maria Elisabeth of Miss Georgiana Darcy.  Now if there’s one thing I like, it’s a good discussion, especially by comments on my blog.  And Maria did just that.  She challenged my to a verbal duel and I accepted.  Here is our discussion:

Maria – I, ahem! respectfully disagree on which adaptation is the best. But to each her own, right? Now will you tell us why you like 2005 P&P better than the 1995 P&P? Because I love arguing, *coughs again* I mean debating.

Me –  The reason I think 2005 is the best is a manyfold reason.

1. Kiera Knightley has all the vigor, wit, and playfulness that Elizabeth Bennet should have – and fine eyes to boot.

2. Matt Macfayden is the perfect Mr. Darcy. The right mixture of shyness (as in the book – “You are right, none of us perform to strangers.”) and pride, mixed with a passionate love for Elizabeth Bennet.

3. The cimeotography and music are delicous and beautiful. I love listening to the soundtrack and the scenery (Liz on top of the world.) is breathtaking.


Now despise me if you dare.

Maria – Indeed I do not dare, but I will argue with you anyways.

1: Kiera Knightley does have vigor and wit, but to me she has too much modern ‘rebelliousness’ and is a little too rude sometimes. Elizabeth is witty and sometimes borders on the uncivil, but not downright rude. She does have fine eyes, but then, so does Jennifer Ehle.

2: Matthew Macfayden’s Mr. Darcy gets the shyness very well, but, in my opinion, not the pride. I’m trying to remember a single instance where what Elizabeth thought was his pride can’t be traced to something else. In this he doesn’t seem to have ‘no improper pride’, he has no pride. And it makes Elizabeth’s opinion of his seem even more ridiculously ill-founded than it actually is.

3: I won’t disagree with you on this. The scenery is beautiful, although it annoyed me that to put in the scenery they changed the settings of many of the scenes. Isn’t Jane Austen good enough for them? I listen to the soundtrack regularly, and love it almost as much as the 1995 soundtrack.

4: It……….. isn’t. :P

5: WARNING: TOTAL RANDOMNESS AHEAD There’s one thing in the proposal scene I don’t like. Matthew Macfayden’s shirt. It isn’t even done up, and he’s not wearing a cravat. (I have this thing about cravats, actually.) What the use of a proposal scene if the hero’s not wearing a cravat? END OF RANDOMNESS

Me – I will of course respect your views but I won’t agree with them.

I must confess that I never saw any bad manners of Lizzy (examples, please). But of course when you think that P and P 1995 is the best you just look for faults (sorry, just saying). Matt Macfayden is not as full of pride as Colin Firth but he does have his moments (the first proposal, when Elizabeth and him are talking at Netherfield, etc.).

I will admit that P and P 2005 does have some faults.

1. Pigs in the Bennet’s house? No way!

2. Mr. Bingley would never go into Jane’s bedroom even to see how she was doing and even if Elizabeth was there. In those days, a lady’s reputation was everything.

4. Elizabeth Bennet often has her hair down – another Regency no-no.

However, I still will stick to my opinions and you may stick to yours.

Good day, Madam.

P.S. About that total bit of randomness, I don’t blame you. Cravats – oh my! But, I still enjoyed that scene very much…

Maria – The reason I wasn’t focusing on the good points of both movies is because they have so many and that would get really beside the point.

Argument aside, I will confess that I did love the 2005 P&P. Not as much as the 1995 one, but still quite a bit. And I’m even putting one of your buttons on my sidebar! (After saying why I didn’t like as much? Am I crazy? Yes :) )

And about the cravats, I know this is beside the point, but have you watched The Scarlet Pimpernel 1982. The cravats are ooooh, so amazing. (As is the rest of the movie, except for two scenes that are easy to skip) I’m linking to my blog devoted to The Scarlet Pimpernel, where I hope I will post a review in a few days.

Me – I haven’t watched the Scarlet Pimpernel but I hope to read the book(s) soon. I’ve checked out your S.P. blog and I quite like it.

Thanks for putting up one of my buttons on your blog – and thanks for not turning your comments into nasty ones.

P.S. I quite liked the invigorating discussion we’ve had.

Maria – Exactly!  There’s nothing better than a good discussion.


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