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The Inheritance 1997 Review

I watched this lovely movie last night and I wanted to review it.  If you’ve noticed, I’ve started to get into the habit of reviewing movies that are based on books on this blog.  (BTW, a more detailed review of Little Dorrit is going to go live soon).  Please check out my review of the book.  I couldn’t find many pictures from the movie so I can’t illustrate the post with dozens of pics like I love to do.

Accuracy to the book:  Um, let’s not go there.  They change a lot of things from the book.  For one, the movie is set in Massachusetts while the book is set in England.  Percy is very handsome ( :)) though in the book he isn’t really all that handsome.  They’ve made Edith a lot bolder.  I can’t really say that this movie followed the book well.

Costumes:  The costumes, especially Edith’s ball gown are lovely.

Ida’s gowns are a little too ‘rich’ for my taste.  Beatrix Hamilton’s dresses are very pretty and Amy’s suit her exactly – a bit childish, yet elegant.

Scenery/Sets:  The scenery is beautiful.  Lush green colors and high peaks.  The race has some nice views.  The sets are also very well-done.  

Music:  I really think it’s music that makes or breaks a movie.  The music in this film is wonderful.  It reflects on the period nicely and I love listening to it.

The Characters:  Edith may be a bit bolder in the film than in the book, but she’s really sweet.  Percy, like I said before, may be too handsome for the role, but I like him a lot.  Amy is…unique and Ida is the type of villainess you love to hate.  

My Overall Opinion:  This is a lovely movie.  I always like movie that make me cry and this one does (“Ida deceived us and I beg your forgiveness from the bottom of my heart…Welcome home, Edith!”).  Everything about it is so nice – the plot, the acting, etc.  I would highly recommend it to anyone.


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